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FREE DOWNLOAD – Cannabis Branding Cheat Sheet

Since speaking at Women Grow Boston in October, I’ve received a number of requests for the “Cannabis Branding Cheatsheet” I handed out at the event.

The cheatsheet is a two-sided, single page practical guide for any cannabis company looking to launch a new brand (or to revitalize an existing one). It answers the question:

How do I begin building a powerhouse cannabis brand?

Which was, in effect, the topic of the panel I spoke on.

The other panelists at the event included:

Tim Gee founder of Open Market Collective a cannabis-friendly digital strategy firm

Laura Boehner founder of The Healing Rose cannabis topicals company

Beth Waterfall market leader for Women Grow Boston and the new Managing Director for NECANN (The New England Cannabis Convention).

The conversation was incredibly rich with useful insights about branding and marketing in the cannabis space – detail that goes well beyond what’s included in the cheatsheet. If you’re curious, I highly recommend watching or listening to the FB Live recording (link below). It is over an hour, so it’s likely best to listen while you’re in the car or on the subway.


Lemme guess…you thought I forgot about the cheatsheet, didn’t you? Well of course not – I would never do that to you. Bait and switch is so not my style. 😉

VOILÀ, here it is, the official HIT THE SPARK Cannnabis Branding Cheat Sheet:

Take it and put it to good use, my little gumshoes. I want to see some bonus star-worthy brand work, capisce?



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